Seeking a bot buddy? Look no further than Boxer.

Boxer, an interactive robot from Spin Master, comes with countless ways to play. Kids ages 6 and up can control this little robot with their hand movements, using the included remote control, or with an app. With expressive LED eyes and endless sounds, Boxer’s cute but feisty personality shines through as kids play.

Small enough to easily fit in a backpack or purse and available in black or blue, Boxer has four different modes of play— remote control, free play, game cards, and app.

Using the remote control, kids can direct Boxer just like any R/C car. The top buttons on the remote also make Boxer do impressive tricks, like wheelies or a somersault. In free play mode, kids can pick up Boxer or wave their hands in front of his many sensors to encourage different behaviors. One especially cool feature is Boxer’s ability to right himself after tipping over.

Boxer is also equipped to play tons of games, either using game cards or with the free Boxer app. Push a button on Boxer’s back and place him on top of any of the 10 included game cards, and he will roll over and “read” the card.

The cards include both single player and multiplayer games. Some, like “Fortune Teller” (Boxer turns into a high-tech Magic 8 Ball) or “DJ Bot” (make music by waving in front of Boxer’s sensors) require nothing but Boxer himself. Other games, like “Bot Bowling” (Boxer becomes the bowling ball) and “Go Kart” (kids draw a race track for Boxer to follow) bring household objects into play.

Kids can unlock an additional 16 games on the Boxer app by playing the original 10 games, earning XP points, and leveling up their robot. The app also comes with detailed how-to videos that show all the ways Boxer can play.

With only one volume setting and a lot to say, Boxer may not be a great fit for quiet play time. However, he encourages creative, imaginative play and is an affordable way to introduce kids to artificial intelligence.