Skyrocket Blume

Have you ever thought about growing a beautiful garden but don’t have the patience to wait for the flowers to bloom? Blume, from Skyrocket, is a new line of collectible dolls full of big reveals: the dolls bloom out of flowerpots right before your eyes. It’s instant gratification, perfect for kids ages 5 and up — right at that age when kids can be impatient to the max but still want to be wowed by the surprise factor.

Each doll is blind packaged inside a plastic, colored flowerpot. Kids can peel off the foil on the top of the flowerpot and remove the sheet of stickers (that will come in handy later), then fill the included watering can with water, and pour it on top. As kids sprinkle the water on the “soil,” the paper covering will disintegrate and the doll will magically bloom out of the flowerpot.

The dolls have outrageously tall, Troll-like hairstyles made of squishy foam material, and a few seconds after sprinkling the water on top, the tip of the doll’s over-the-top hair will start to poke through the soil. It only takes five to 10 seconds for the doll to grow out of the flowerpot, and once it pops out, kids can pull the doll out to reveal which character they received.

While some blind bags or reveal toys have limited play value, Blume’s fun doesn’t end with the reveal— once kids pull the doll out, they can open the flowerpot to unbox 10 surprise accessories, such as shoes, clothing, handbags, mini friends, and doll stands. Kids can use the sticker sheet to decorate the flowerpot, turning it into a play set for the doll so kids can engage in imaginative play even after the unboxing is complete. Creative kids can use the markers or glitter they have at home to further personalize the play set.

Each Blume character has its own name and a unique hairstyle; for example, Sierra’s turquoise, cactus-like hair poofs with purple flowers growing on top, Krystal’s multi-colored ‘do looks like a tower of geodes, and Reese’s sweet style looks like she has a three-tiered wedding cake on her head. The dolls are customizable, too: kids can remove the hair and clothing if they want to mix and match between dolls to change up their styles.

There are 22 characters in the first series, ranging in rarity from 10 “adorable” dolls and seven “rare” dolls to four “super rare” dolls and one “mystical” doll. Each Blume also has a mini friend — adorable inanimate objects with eyes, such as Sierra’s cactus friend, Krystal’s diamond friend, and Reese’s macaron friend.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can live life in full Blume with these dolls!