Bluffaneer Dice Game | Source: Big G Creative/the Toy Insider

Big G Creative is bringing home the treasure with a new pirate-themed game.

The legend of the Bluffaneer was once thought to be lost forever at the bottom of the deep, blue sea. It was a rowdy tale of pirates who wandered the world for gold – and Big G Creative is ready to uncover it.

Treasure was in short supply for the crew so the pirates came up with a (very reasonable) plan to leave the bounty up to chance. Kids ages 10 and up can now play their game and win some treasure of their own with the Bluffaneer Dice Game. Players can roll the bone-shaped dice and bluff their way through each round on their quest to steal even more gold.

Bluffaneer includes two bone dice, 18 cards, a treasure map, and 50 gold coins. Those who are experts at hiding their feelings and their treasure can enjoy stealing coins from their friends and tricking them into giving up their gold in 15 minutes of gameplay.