Everybody’s looking for Blue’s Clues!

And kids ages 3 and up will find some fantastic Blue’s Clues & You! fun with the Sing-Along Guitar and the Blue’s House Playset, the two newest toys from Just Play that are inspired by this popular Nickelodeon show.

The Sing-Along Guitar is a kid-sized version of the Handy Dandy Guitar that Josh plays on the show, and it is just as much musical fun. Kids can play sound effects on the guitar by either pressing buttons on the guitar neck or by hitting the whammy bar, which is shaped like Blue’s ear!

There are three play modes on the guitar, which kids can select by turning a music note-shaped dial on the front.

Mode 1 is “Song Mode,” and in this mode, the guitar will play the Blue’s Clues & You! theme song or “Old McDonald” in their entirety when kids press any button on the neck of the guitar. Mode 2 is “Play Along Mode.” In this mode, kids press any button to hear a short segment of one of the songs. Once that segment ends, kids can press any other button to hear the next part of the tune! This makes kids feel like they are contributing to making the music! Finally, Mode 3 is “Guitar Sounds Mode.” In this mode, the guitar won’t play either song. Instead, kids can press any button to hear different guitar sound effects.

The premise of this toy is simple, but the different play modes and interactive elements give the guitar a lot of play value, even for kids who aren’t familiar with the show! Kids who do love Blue’s Clues & You!, however, will enjoy singing and pretending to play just like Josh.

The Blue’s House Playset is also packed with details straight from Blue’s Clues & You! The playset is a portable version of Blue’s home on the show, complete with four rooms and a tree that features a tire swing and a slide. The set does require a small amount of adult assembly before kids can start playing, but the instructions are very clear and the process should only take a few minutes once everything is out of the box.

In addition to the house itself, the set includes six pieces of furniture, which all have some sort of interactive element. Some of them feature a blue paw print which, as kids who watch the show will know, indicates a clue! In this case, kids can press on those paw prints to reveal the Handy Dandy Guitar under the bed, open the Mailbox, make Slippery Soap pop out of the bathtub, and more. Kids can discover these features on their own through independent play, but the house also features a pawprint-shaped button on the first floor. When kids press that button, they’ll see the image change on the Handy Dandy Notebook and hear a phrase spoken by Josh. These phrases encourage kids to check out different pieces of furniture and play in different parts of the set, for a more guided play experience. There are about a dozen phrases in total, so the experience doesn’t get too repetitive!

Of course, what fun would this house be without Blue’s Clues & You! characters to go in it? The set also comes with three figures: Blue, Magenta, and Josh. All three figures are articulated, too. Josh can bend at the waist (to sit in the Thinking Chair, for example!) while Blue and Magenta have moveable legs and ears. All three figures can interact with the home and accessories, too, so the imaginative play options are endless!

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The set is also very easy to fold for storage or on-the-go play. The figures and furniture all fit easily inside the closed house for everyday cleanup needs. However, if you are looking to travel with the set and make it as small as possible, an adult can remove the slide and tire swing from the tree and place them inside the house for an even more compact setup. The house even features a handle on the roof for easy carrying!

While they are very different at first glance, both of these Blue’s Clues & You! toys are sure to encourage imaginative play! They also incorporate details from the show in a way that is very natural and sure to be a hit with regular viewers and newcomers alike. Now cue that theme song and get ready to search for some clues!