Blue’s Big City Adventure comes out on Paramount+ on Nov. 18. | Source: Nickelodeon

For the past 26 years, kids have gathered around the TV to watch Blue’s Clues on Nickelodeon. On Nov. 18, they can tune in to Paramount+ and watch Blue’s first-ever feature-length film!

In Blue’s Big City Adventure, Blue and Joe go to New York City so Josh can follow his dream of being in Rainbow Puppy’s Broadway musical. There’s just one problem: Josh left his handy dandy notebook back in Storybook World. With the help of old and new friends, Blue and Joe dance and sing their way through the city.

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Big kids will be happy to see the return of former Blue’s Clues hosts Steve and Joe, who now live in New York City and help the duo find their way through the city. The movie will also feature celebrity appearances from actors Ali Stroker, B.D. Wong, Philippa Soo, and Steven Pasquale. 

This Friday, Oct. 7, the lead single from Blue’s Big City Adventure, “On Our Way,” will be available to stream. The rest of the soundtrack will release with the film on Nov. 18. 

Blue’s Clues fans, no matter how old, will want to watch Blue’s Big City Adventure and witness Blue’s Clues history! Watch the first official trailer below.