Add bling to your everyday life with a brand-new hair tool from Wicked Cool Toys

Blinger is a safe and easy-to-use styling tool that quickly adds a bit of bling to your hair, fashions, and accessories. Following the simple and clear instruction booklet that’s included, kids can load the Blinger with the gems of their choice and get ready to get glam. A quick tip: Make sure that when you load the Blinger, the gems are facing up, and that when you lock them into place, you simply close the cover instead of pressing down on the whole tool. Both will help you avoid mishaps and make sure you get to use every single gem included without any issues.

Once the Blinger is loaded, kids can place a piece of fabric or a thick strand of hair into the bottom clamp of the Blinger. Don’t worry — the instructions include diagrams to show you how to perfectly bling out your life. Once they have hair or fabric in place, kids can safely press down on the outside of the tool and bam! They’re glam! (There is also another option to pull a helpful handle out 180 degrees to help you out!)

Blinger comes with the styling tool, plus multiple gem discs featuring different colors and styles so kids can truly shine in their own personal style. 

The best part of all: When kids are done, they can quickly brush Blinger gems out of their hair or easily pull them off of their fashions or accessories. While they come out easily, they do stay in securely while kids are glammed up. They don’t get tangled in your hair or leave any residue behind, so you’re good to go! 

Add a little shine to your life with Blinger!