vtech dino 2I can never reminisce enough on the days I would  pretend that I could travel back in time with a time machine (even though I still wish I could). But with VTech’s Switch and Go Dinos Turbo, kids can travel back into the past as the realistic sound effects allows kids to pretend they are riding along side the dinosaurs with the push of a button.

Designed for kids ages 3 to 8, Dart The Triceratops is one of several dino vehicles that are part of this line. He easily transforms from vehicle to dinosaur by turning the wheels inwards, bringing the tail down, and lifting the hood of the car to reveal the dinosaur’s head. Kids can interact with the dino vehicle by maneuvering it manually or by pushing the wheels on the floor, letting it go, and watching it impale anything that gets in its way as it speeds off. Parents will appreciate the volume control and on/off switch, as well as the automatic sleep mode feature that shuts off the toy after 15 minutes without interaction to conserve battery life. In addition, kids can also learn dinosaur facts as they play by pressing the talk button.

This, and the other dinosaurs in this line are brightly colored and durable, which is perfect, just in case it falls off the table or hits the wall. Its small size is also convenient for kids who want to bring it to a friend’s house to race or take it with them on-the-go.

This product and more from VTech will be on display at The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite 14 event in New York City on July 17. Part of Blogger Bash, a two-day conference connecting bloggers and brands nationwide, Sweet Suite will feature the hottest toys and games for the upcoming holiday season. Visit thebigtoybook.com for more info, and follow the conversation on Twitter!