I love a good bargain, but every once in a while a new toy comes along that knocks me off my feet and is worth spending the big bucks. These types of gizmos and gadgets are rare diamonds in the rough, and it’s simply impossible to part ways with them.

Last year’s list included the likes of Barbie Hello DreamhouseAir Hogs Millennium Falcon XL, and Disney Princess Carriage, just to name a few. This year’s list of big-ticket items is just as impressive, and you won’t mind spending just litttttle bit more than the norm.

Try not to drool over these bad boys. I dare you!

Rockin’ Rider Vintage Rocking Horses (Tek Nek), $79.99

A rocking horse is a quintessential rite of passage for little ones. I still remember saddling up on my wooden rocking horse and riding away for hours of fun. This Rockin’ Rider is made with soft-stuffed fabric, and features unique patterns that kids (and parents) will love. The rocking horse is even more interactive than ever before, and when kids squeeze its left ear, it’ll sing an exclusive, “I’m a Little Pony” song, as well as six fun phrases and sound effects. Saddle up!

Grand Walk-In Wood Kitchen (Step2), $299.99

There’s lots of creativity brewing in the kitchen—the Grand Walk-In Wood Kitchen, that is. The modern chic play kitchen features a big, walk-in area that has room for four to five little ones to rummage through cabinets and whip up tasty meals. The kitchen features a pretend sink, a stove burner, a breakfast bar, an oven, a refrigerator, and assorted cooking utensils. What’s on the menu today?!

Beasts of Balance (Sensible Object), $99

This stacking game it like Jenga for millennials! It uses an app to allow kids to create a world of new creatures while trying to maintain a physical balance of the objects that are stacked. To keep a creature from becoming endangered, players must use the proper element to give it more energy. The goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible before the stacked objects collapse. There are more than a hundred beasts to unlock, and kids can go back to look at all the mystical creatures they’ve created in their new world. Talk about out of this world fun!

Nikko Air Race Vision 220 FPV Pro (Toy State), $169.99

This next level drone is perfect for aspiring pilots to practice soaring in the sky. Unlike most drones, this object uses special analog frequency that allows drivers to see live video transmission without delay or interruptions. It also includes a full-color LCD screen and FPV goggles that provide a unique flying experience. The drone is designed for pilots of all skill levels, and includes three variable flight modes, speed settings, and 16 one-touch stunts. Buckle up and prepare for take off!

RSF650 (Razor), $499.99

Big kids with a need for speed will be in their glory when cruising through the streets atop this beauty. The street bike travels up to 17 miles per hour and features up to 50 minutes of continuous use. It also includes twist-grip throttle, hand-operated dual disc brakes, rear suspension, and more. Vroom, vroom, start it up!