Ghosted is available at Target now. | Source: Big G Creative/the Toy Insider

Looking for a ghostly party game as spooky season approaches? Look no further because Big G Creative officially launched Ghosted, a supernatural “whodunnit” board game recommended for kids ages 10 and up.

The story behind Ghosted is that players have come to an untimely end, put to rest, and now must solve their own demise from the great beyond. Players must identify the suspects, motives, and weapons behind their death, and the first person to solve the mystery of their passing is the winner.

The suspects feature amusing characters, such as Gabby Gains the gym rat, Mimi_Hax19 the videogame influencer, and trust fund baby Vander Von Vapid III. The motives are inspired by true pet peeves that may just be someone’s fatal flaw, such as blasting smooth jazz, giving one-star reviews, hoarding toilet paper, and using speakerphone in public. The weapons are imaginative and hilarious, including a tank of piranhas, a three-hole puncher, a selfie stick, and murder hornets.

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This 3-6 player game includes 36 illustrated cards (12 suspect cards, 12 motive cards, and 12 weapon cards), six evidence boards, six dry erase markers, six tokens, and a die. Get it exclusively at Target now!