best beaches to visit

Living in Florida, we are a huge beach-loving family! When we travel, when often book a trip that involves some time enjoying a beach. We just love the sand in our toes, the smell of the salt air, and the sound of the crashing waves.

This week, we are going to share the best family beaches for a bucket list. Get your pen ready to take notes to add to your family bucket list, and before you go, read up on some of the best beach toys to take with you!

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach (Hawaii)

We do love these islands. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Each island is so different with spectacular beaches. I think the best of the Hawaii beaches is Punalu’u Black Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Let’s first talk about the sand. The sand is black (which is amazing!) due to the nearby volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Your kids will love playing and walking through the black sandy beach.

Another highlight is the turtles. At this beach, green sea turtles wash up on shore to relax and take a nap. On our last visit, we saw close to 20 turtles just chilling on the beach. You can see these turtles up close — like really close. This is an amazing experience. You can pick up lunch nearby at one of the food trucks and have a picnic lunch at this amazing beach.

best beaches to visit

Trunk Bay (St. John’s)

You can cruise or travel to Trunk Bay in the St. John’s Virgin Islands. Trunk Bay is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, which means there is a lot of area to explore on land and in the water.

One of our favorite things to do in Trunk Bay is snorkeling. There is even a 225-yard-long underwater coral trail that you can snorkel with your family. This is truly a beautiful beach with lush greenery, white sands, and turquoise waters.

best beaches to visit

Pink Sand Beach (Bahamas)

Do you love the color pink? If you do, the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas is perfect for you. This beach is an easy beach to visit on a cruise or while visiting Nassau in the Bahamas. The pink color is from little bitty pieces of red coral that washes up on the shore.

The turquoise waters of the Bahamas washing up on the pink sand of this beach is truly breathtaking. Plan on arriving early in the morning or later in the evening to get the most vibrant colors of this sand.

best beaches to visit

Cumberland Island National Seashore (Georgia)

If you like camping and adventure, one of our favorite family beaches for a bucket list is the Cumberland Island National Seashore. You rarely hear about Cumberland Island when people talk about beaches, but it is an amazing island in Southern Georgia. You may remember hearing Cumberland Island was where JFK Jr. got married years ago.

This island is a national park. You can only get to this island by ferry, which takes about 45 minutes from the visitors’ center to Cumberland Island. Once you get to the island, you can hike to your campsite. These are “rough” campsites with no facilities.

The highlight of Cumberland Island is walking down to the beach. You may not see a single person in either direction. It is just your family and the amazing beach. You also may get lucky and see the wild horses that inhabit this island. It is truly an amazing beach experience for more adventure seekers.

best beaches to visit

Clearwater/St. Petersburg Beaches (Florida)

The beaches at Clearwater/St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida are continually ranked the No. 1 family beach. The sands on this beach are so white and super soft. There are very little waves on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida, so it’s perfect for kids. The waters are crystal clear and you will often see porpoise swim by you.

We love the beaches in Clearwater/St. Pete, just a couple hours from Disney World and Orlando.

best beaches in the world

Maya Bay in Phi Phi (Thailand)

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in Thailand. One of the highlights is Maya Bay in Phi Phi. This is the location of the The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. The waters in Maya Bay are spectacular blues and greens with amazing rock cliffs with lush greenery. It is truly breathtaking.

Maya Bay is more popular, so plan on arriving early to get the best spot and best pictures before exploring the bay and waters. You can only arrive at Maya Bay via boat, so plan early.

There are so many amazing beaches around the world, but these are some of the best beaches to add to your family bucket list. Do you have another beach you love? Leave a comment below and share with us!