Every kingdom, no matter how big or small, needs a castle and a garden for tea time, preferably a garden with a cute little slide to play on while the tea cools down. Sometimes this kingdom sits grandly in Westeros, but sometimes the kingdom could be right under your feet in that little patch of grass outside.

Entertainment One‘s Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom follows the enchanted world of Holly the fairy and her best friend, Ben the elf. The magical adventures of the show are captured in a new line of toys, from Jazwares, which is available exclusively at Target.

Given that the show is from the makers of Peppa Pig, there are a lot of similar qualities to everyone’s favorite little pig. The charming childlike style is translated adorably into the toys with bright colors and smiling faces. The line includes play sets and figure packs with all of the recognizable faces from the show.

The Little Castle play set gives kids the royal life with four rooms and an attic to play in. The set is about 1 foot tall and folds together so it doesn’t take up too much space. But just like in the show, small doesn’t mean that it lacks in fun. The play set includes figures of Holly and her sisters, Daisy and Poppy, but the castle can be filled out with the Royal Family 5-Figure Pack, which includes Holly, her sisters, and her parents, King and Queen Thistle. The set also comes with 10 accessories to furnish the house, and has windows in each room to keep an eye on the kingdom.

Kids can add to the kingdom with the Fairy Tea Party with Holly and her friend Violet. The set comes with a little mushroom table to set up afternoon tea on, two chairs, and a slide made to look like a leaf, with branches and a flower forming the ladder. The Holly and Violet figures can sip on their tea in between their turns down the slide.Nanny Plum and Holly roll up in the Royal Car, which of course is purple, the color of royalty, and matches Nanny Plum perfectly. The hood of the car has a crown button that provides sound effects when pushed and the car’s roof detaches in the front so kids can easily put the figures in their seats. But be mindful of the fact that this is based of a British show, so the steering wheel might appear to be on the wrong side of the car.

If strolling through a car isn’t quite for you, then how about on a lady bug, or a frog, or a bunny? The Magic Movers pack comes with Ben, Holly, Violet, and their pal Barnaby fixed into smiling critter vehicles the can either be pushed around or wound up by moving them backwards. When let go, they can buggy around on their own while the figures move up and down in their seats.

Whether kids want to have a tea party with their buds or cruise around the kingdom in style, the Ben & Holly line is sure to bring magical adventures home.