Bean Bag Bucketz

Goal: $35,000
Funding Period: June 16
Creator: Creative Brainworks LLC

For anyone who enjoys outdoors fun, Bean Bag Bucketz is a great new addition to their sports collection.

Bean Bag Bucketz centers around throwing bean bags onto a bucket and gaining the most points. The gameplay includes Traditional 21, Rim-shot, and Bucketz Scoring. In Traditional 21, the first player or team to reach 21 points or surpass it at the end of a frame is the winner. Rim-shot refers to any of the Bucketz bags that is pitched or stays on the rim of any the bucketz at the end of the frame. Each rim-shot is 1 point, no matter which level Bucketz the rim-shot is at. In Bucketz Scoring, any bag that lands into a bucket will be determined with the Bucketz score by level one, two, three, or four points.

There are also three alternate ways to play. In Bag-It, the first player to throw a bag in each of the seven buckets wins. In Club Zero, every player starts with 50 points and the points decrease whenever a bag goes into a bucket, depending on the point value of the buckets. Whoever reaches zero points wins. In Volcano, all bags must make it to the top of the bucket.

Bean Bag Bucketz is portable and lightweight, and becomes a durable carry bag for easy transport to other activities and events.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 to $1,200 and prizes include the Bean Bag Bucketz game, a T-shirt, hat, an autographed special edition Bean Bag Bucketz game, and more. If the campaign reaches its $35,000 goal, then Bean Bag Bucketz will change how people experience and enjoy the outdoors.

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