It doesn’t matter if you’ve been catching Pokémon all of your life or just getting into the craze. Pokémon Co. International ‘s latest launch is perfect for every level of trainer.

Trading Card Game Battle Academy today is the first board game to be based on the classic trading games. It comes with a two-player game board, tutorial guides, three 60-card decks (Charizard, Pikachu, and Mewtwo), gameplay accessories, and a code card for the free Pokémon Trading Card Game online, which is available on iOS, Android, and poké

Trainers of all levels can partake in Battle Academy as it’s easy to understand and loaded with favorite characters. This means it’s perfect for families looking to bond over battle. Once you get more battle experience under your belts you can skip ahead to the rulebook for advanced players that toughens the game. Watch how to play below!

Battle Academy is available at mass and hobby retailers, and online at Pokémon Center’s website. Find more info here.