Klutz Bath and Body Box

Self-care is all the rage right now, but all those fun, animal-themed sheet masks and fancy scrubs can really put a strain on your wallet.

Klutz has got your back — literally. With its new Bath and Body Box, kids can make everything they need to have a fabulous DIY spa day right at home, from exfoliating body scrub all the way down to some fancy, fruit-infused water. The kit includes supplies for kids ages 8 and up to make:

  • DIY sheet masks;
  • Mermaid Shimmer Gel;
  • Bubble Bath Bonbons;
  • Vanilla Shower Shake;
  • A Shower Squishy;
  • Key Lime Sugar Scrubbers;
  • Lip and eye masks;
  • Tutti-Fruity Foot Goop; and
  • Lip scrub.

Klutz Bath and Body Box

While Klutz’s kit includes the specialty ingredients, parents should keep in mind that they’ll need to buy fresh ingredients —including avocado, honey, fruit, oil, and more — to complete the recipes. The instruction/recipe booklet includes tips for crafting a full-fledged spa day, suggestions for which recipes to try based on what your mood is, and ideas for which treatments pair well together for the most relaxing, invigorating, or luxurious experience.

Klutz Bath and Body Box

Fun scientific facts are sprinkled throughout the book so that kids can learn a little while they chillax, and humor makes them easier to digest and remember. For example:

Hundreds of years ago, some people believed that dirty skin would help block diseases. If someone tries to tell you that today, kindly hand them a bar of soap.

The book also offers storage instructions to ensure that no leftover spa treatments go to waste or, in the case of the Shower Squishy, melt. Welcome to the ultimate spa experience!