Dynacraft 16-inch Barbie Bike with Plush Puppy | Source: Dynacraft

The summer of fun is upon us and each and every neighborhood is ripe for adventure!

Warmer weather and sunny skies mean it’s time to have fun outdoors while keeping kids active during summer break, and what better way to do that than with a new bike?

Dynacraft‘s line of 16-inch Hot Wheels and Barbie bikes are the perfect way to blend the familiarity of Mattel‘s classic toy brands with sturdy, stylish rides that kids ages 4-8 will be proud to call their own.

The Barbie 16-inch Bike with Plush Puppy features a frame with a pink, chrome-style finish accented by shimmering purple forks and wheels atop bright, white BMX-style all-terrain tires. The clear chain guard features Barbie graphics, while the adjustable training wheels are adorned with paw print accents in honor of the adorable plush puppy that rides atop the handlebars in an included purple basket. Throw in an adjustable seat, cushioned hand grips, and a coaster brake, and this ride is both stylish AND safe!

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The Hot Wheels 16-inch Bike with Rev Grip features a sturdy steel frame adorned with Hot Wheels’ signature blue in a satin finish while the wheels, fork, and training wheels recall the famous “orange track” look. Custom Hot Wheels graphics adorn the bike, and a custom shield shows off a sleek Hot Wheels die-cast ride. For kids who really want to bring the feel of the track to the sidewalk, the Rev Grip activates real motorbike sounds. This super-rad ride is finished off with an adjustable seat, a coaster brake, a full-cover chain guard, and black, BMX-style all-terrain tires to complete the look.

While we’re (thankfully) starting to see the world return to normal(ish), bikes were really hard to come by last summer. With that in mind, it’s better to shop early to avoid disappointment, and these bikes are available now, exclusively at Walmart. So cruise on over and get them while you can!