The newest Barbie DreamHouse | Source: Mattel/the Toy Insider

Barbie is on the move and now she has a new place to lay her many hats.

In an effort to encourage even more play, Mattel debuted a new Barbie DreamHouse that features many customizable components and trendy new looks. Kids can change the ambience of the home with eight different colored lights, three songs, and two soundscapes to choose from. In addition, the pool and slide can be moved and placed in nearly limitless configurations.

The DreamHouse features its first ever Party Room with a light-up DJ stand and an outdoor barbecue that transforms into a dessert buffet. On the outside — or on the rooftop — there’s soft grass, plush blankets, and a tiny dog with a pool of his own. All of Barbie’s friends are welcome as this DreamHouse continues to be compatible with a wheelchair ramp.

The Barbie DreamHouse as organized by the team behind ‘The Home Edit’ | Source: Mattel

This is the 12th DreamHouse version. The first one was released in 1962 — a time when women couldn’t open their own bank account. As Barbie gets ready for her move, the organizing gurus behind The Home Edit are helping her get settled in.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin have helped some of Hollywood’s biggest names and now they’ll help Barbie organize her new place. The team will also provide universal tips for families on how to store Barbie dolls, fashions, and accessories.