Kids are going to learn chemistry with Barbie this year. 👩‍🔬

The Barbie Fundamentals Chemistry Set, from Thames & Kosmos, is a portable science lab with everything kids need to learn chemistry and perform some pretty sweet experiments. There’s no better way for kids to play (and learn at the same time!) than with one of their favorite role models. #YouCanBeAnything

The instructions manual follows the story of Barbie and her classmate as they complete extracurricular projects to present to other students in their school. This method is proven to help girls specifically respond to STEM concepts instead of a regular manual that solely lists how to complete experiments. Girl power!

As kids read along, the illustrated story will walk them through six fun experiments, each demonstrating important scientific principles. Along the way, kids will learn chemistry and physical science behind all of these properties of these various potions and concoctions.

The set comes already packaged in a portable trunk that kids can make their own and decorate with the included stickers and anything else they want. There miiiiiight be Lisa Frank stickers on mine.

This kit also comes with tools and materials such as pipettes, test tubes, measuring cups, safety goggles, and chemicals. Some experiments require some tools or ingredients not included in the kit, but these are easy-to-find household items such as water, markers, cooking pots, tape, and more.

My favorite experiment was creating color-changing putty. This one transported me back to when I was a kid, obsessed with all things color-changing and relying on my mood ring to tell me how I really felt that day. Measure out water and a slime packet in a test tube to create slime, and then once it’s all set, place the slime in hot water. After five to 10 minutes, notice that the slime changes from blue to green. When you take the slime and put it back to room temperature, see that it changes back to blue as it cools off.

Not only are kids going through these different experiments with Barbie, but they’re also learning why the different potions and concoctions react in certain ways. You learn that your color-changing putty is actually thermochromatic because its hue changes color based on what the temperature is, and that this type of change is called a physical change.

In addition, kids can erupt a volcano in a test tube, grow a crystal feather, create bouncy golden putty, make ooey and gooey pink glittery slime, and even make a totally ’90s lava lamp fizzing reaction.

This is the kit I would have needed as a kid to get excited to learn about science—especially chemistry. The Barbie Fundamentals Chemistry Set is a great way to introduce little ones to their first science projects or reinforce concepts they learn in school in a non-intimidating way.