It never fails: The teeniest, tottering little humans just can’t resist a toy that requires some simple, old-fashioned TLC. Kids love to drag some poor doll around and pretend to be its caregiver. Dolls that kids can feed or change are great — and they never go out of style — but the latest babies from Madame Alexander enable kids to tap into that inclination to nurture without bringing any accessories (read: pieces to lose or break) into the mix.

Available in three different options, Babble Babies are 14-inch dolls that babble more than 25 different sounds to engage and entertain babies ages 18 months and up. Each cuddly doll features painted facial features; a molded head and limbs; and a soft, cloth body. The doll’s eyes — with those signature babydoll lashes that I can’t seem to replicate no matter how much I spend on mascara — shutter when its body is horizontal, giving the appearance of sleep.

Babble Babies are available in Bear, Pink Stripe, and Blue Stripe options, each with its own outfit and appearance. Babble Baby Bear comes dressed in a fuzzy blue-and-white onesie with a smiling bear face on the chest. Babble Baby Pink Stripe is styled in a pink outfit with a tutu and tulle bow headband. Babble Baby Blue Stripe is styled in a striped bodysuit with an elephant applique and a blue hat.

Real babies can activate the Babble Baby’s sound effects by gently pushing a button on the doll’s chest. The button is large, round, and textured, so kids aren’t likely to miss it, and it’s easy to find through the doll’s clothes. The sounds are randomized, so kids never know what they’ll hear next, and they’ll continue to be surprised even after pressing the button 30 times. (My coworkers can attest that I have indeed been making these dolls babble for weeks on end now.)

The 14-inch doll size means the Babble Baby is easy for babies to lug around IRL, and it’ll fit into diaper bags and luggage easily when it inevitably become your little one’s new best friend. Say hello to your baby’s new baby!