Hexbug.AquabotJellyFishHexbug is known for bringing kids robotic and aquatic pets, and one of its newest additions to the tank is the AquaBot Jellyfish. In our office, we’ve seen Angel Fish, Hammerhead Shark, and even Zombie AquaBots swimming around at their leisure, and while this new pet fish is just as exciting as fish of the past, it has some new, swimmingly awesome features.

If you’ve never seen an AquaBot in action it is freakishly similar to watching a real Goldfish or Beta Fish (or whatever pet fish you prefer) swim and bob around in its aquatic home—except it doesn’t need to eat or use the fishy lavoratory. Now, introduce the Jellyfish, and kids have a totally exotic pet that doesn’t require any maintenance.

Using what Hexbug calls “smart fish technology,” the AquaBot Jellyfish has 15 pre-programmed swimming routines, and will spin and swim gracefully around the tank without kids having to do anything but stare in amazement (you can put the Jellyfish in any regular fish bowl or tank, and Hexbug also sells one!). Kids simply drop the Jellyfish into the water and the robotic pet will respond with a vibrant inner glow and a bobbing motion that kids can actually adjust. If you have a large tank and want your Jellyfish to dive deeper, users can increase or decrease the AquaBot’s buoyancy by adjusting the weights in the battery door. The fish will automatically go to sleep after several minutes of swimming (because even robotic pet fish get tired), but kids can easily wake up the AquaBot by giving the tank a few little love taps while maybe saying, “FISHY WAKE UP!” to really get into character. (You know, like in this scene from Finding Nemo, don’t act like you don’t remember).

Aside from all of the cool technology inside the Jellyfish, kids are definitely going to appreciate the toy’s unique design and the super bright colors that the Jellyfish come in—blue, pink, purple, green, and orange. Each Jellyfish has 18 tentacles with a rubbery feel to them and kids will love watching them move around and glide through the water as the Jellyfish swims. The AquaBot Jellyfish is designed for fish lovers ages 3 and up, and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages because you’re never too old for a pet Jellyfish—at least that’s what I hear.