Snap, click, cover, and soar far, far away—into the land of imagination, that is.

Now, kids can set the scene for any wild adventure or imaginative experience thanks to Antsy Pants, a simple system of build and play kits and covers that let kids create unique playhouses.

Antsy Pants Build & Play kits are available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and feature high-quality snap and click poles and connectors. Kids can use the included instruction book for inspiration to create a ball pit, a tent, a lemonade stand, a castle, an ice cream truck, or even a pirate ship. The color-coded poles match the instructions perfectly, so kids can build without frustration. While kids can totally build themselves, the structures sometimes build fairly tall, so adults may need to lend their height and a helping hand.

Antsy Pants covers fit snugly over kids’ creations, and bring fun elements of color and whimsy to playtime. The covers are each sold separately from the Build & Play kits, so if you’re not interested in shelling out a little extra, kids can always use sheets or tarps to add imaginative covers of their own to their playhouse constructions as an alternative. However, the covers are completely worth the investment. From a charming citrus-inspired Lemonade Stand to a striped circus tent to a soft pink and blue fairy tale castle, the covers allow kids to create the perfect setting for their imaginative stories.

The Antsy Pants constructions are super sturdy, standing up to even the toughest kids. These play houses definitely beat blanket forts of yesteryear. Best of all, they allow kids to engage in completely unplugged playtime while engaging their imaginations and interacting with each other. Added bonus: with each kit purchased, Antsy Pants helps KaBOOM! build playgrounds for kids living in poverty across America.

Great for use indoors or outside, Antsy Pants provide the perfect excuse to get kids up, active, and exploring the depths of their imaginations.