Before kids were transforming into animals in Hogwarts’ Transfiguration class, they were learning about it from Animorphs.

The popular young adult book series from the ‘90s is morphing into a feature film from Picturestart and Scholastic Entertainment, the media division of Scholastic and producer of the upcoming Clifford The Big Red Dog movie and Goosebumps live-action series.

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There is a ton of material to work with — there were 54 books in the sci-fi series by K.A. Applegate (Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant), published by Scholastic from 1996 to 2001. The main plot of the books revolves around five teenagers who can each morph into any animal they touch in order to fight an alien invasion, covering themes of mortality, war, and sacrifice.

Animorphs fans have a lot more to look forward to this fall, including Animorphs graphic novels from Scholastic Graphix launching on Oct. 6, and a Retro Box Tin collector’s set, featuring the first six books in the Animorphs series with their original ‘90s covers. The titles in the collectible tin will include The Invasion, The Visitor, The Encounter, The Message, The Predator, and The Capture.