The truest sign of friendship? Matching friendship bracelets, of course. 

Kids can make more than 20 bracelets for all of their besties with the new Activity Kings iLY 3-in-1 Pura Loom Deluxe Bracelet Maker, from WeCool Toys

As any experienced friendship bracelet maker knows, there are LOTS of different ways to design and create unique bracelets for your squad of BFFs. With Pura Loom, kids can learn the basics of three different methods: the twist, the knot, and the weave, allowing them to create three distinct styles of bracelets.

At just $14.99, the Pura Loom has tons of value right out of the box. It includes the Pura Loom itself, along with 100 metallic beads, a premium metal charm, lots of clips and clasps, and seven standard threads, each in a different color. Plus, kids can create using satin para chords, knotting cords, AND wax cotton cords. Have you lost count yet? There are enough materials inside for more than 20 different bracelets. 

The Pura Loom is an awesome little device that makes it easy for kids to hold their projects perfectly in place. It even separates the strings so kids can easily see where their next knot or weave should go. It features a little turn handle so kids can make twisted and braided bracelets in minutes, and the entire thing folds up into a little compact size so kids can easily take it on the go. 

Gone are the days of having to tape your in-progress bracelet to the table or the floor in front of you. Pura Loom gives you the perfect little creation station. It even comes with directions to walk kids through how to make the different designs, and explains where and when to place your beads or charms, but kids can get as fancy or as complicated as they want with this tool. 

A perfect creative outlet for grade-schoolers and tweens alike, the Pura Loom makes friendship bracelet making a cinch. It’s a battery- and screen-free must-have for any DIY lover