Parents and kids can share the love with a Spotify playlist called “A Family Valentine,” composed of kid-friendly songs about rainbows, family, and love. My heart is already full!

The playlist features 16 songs ranging from dance party hits to slower tempos. Elliot Park will release his new single “Love Will See Us Through” on Friday morning to complete the playlist. Plus, 8-year-old Lilah Benjamin joins the song to create a lovely dialogue between a father and a child who rely on each other for sweet reassurances through life’s troubling times.

Check out some of the highlights below!

“You are Loved” by Josh Lovelace

Everything starts off with a gentle reminder that although times can get tough, you’re one in a million — and you are loved. The song is a sweet symphony of guitar met with lyrics that could make even the Grinch (pre-Cindy Lou Who) tear up.

“All Ways” by Elliot Park

This candy-coated song is about loving your family no matter what. “At your worst, at your best Stinky feet, hair in a mess/All ways.”

“Love Light Shine” by KB Whirly & Mista Cookie Jar

Kids can start a dance party with this foot-tapping beat about keeping love front and center. KB Whirly’s bluesy bops can be heard on “You are Love” — another song of his on the playlist.

“Brothers and Sisters” by Vered

Distract kids from bickering with their siblings with this song about loving your brothers and sisters — even when they annoy you. Is there anything more relatable?

“I Like” by Lard Dog & the Band of Shy

Lard Dog & the Band of Shy name all of the things they like in this catchy tune. They like and love you most of all! Kids will have fun dancing along and can even come up with their own jingle of the things they like!

Find the playlist here for a very hearty Valentine’s Day.