This ain’t no itsy bitsy spider. But rather, a large transformable spider composed of 113 miniature snap-on blocks that possess light up abilities. Sound frightening? Luckily it can’t crawl, but it does have the capability to become a beetle or scorpion.

The 6-in-1 Spider Kit by Laser Pegs, allows kids to create their own light-up creepy crawlers. While the toy is titled “Spider,” the versatile building blocks can be constructed into six different creatures.  Besides a spider, kids can also construct a scorpion, cricket, dragonfly, fly, or beetle.  While the kit only includes instructions to build the spider, other creature building guides can be found here.

What makes this buildable bug unique is it’s ability to light up orange. The base of the bug is composed of clear-colored LED blocks (batteries included, TYSM Laser Pegs) that will emit the orange light. These pieces will be easy to distinguish in the bunch as they are clear, whereas the other blocks are either shades of brown or gray.

Also, these LED lights have different modes. Kids can make their buggy friend light consistently up or flash a neon orange. For a real spectacle, kids can activate Nightlight mode! TBH after seeing the spider in nightlight mode, we ordered 10 more to use as great creepy light up decorations for Halloween.

The kit includes building blocks with hinge parts, allowing kids to build their creature to be flexible and more realistic. These hinge parts allow kids to have their bug stand up and support the LED base.

While the end result is pretty #lit, the building process will help kids sharpen their concentration and dexterity skills. Each creature takes approximately 30 minutes to build. Kids will be able to follow along with the instruction manual to construct their little electrified pal. Kids should note that the pieces can be a little tricky to snap on and are very small. We recommend adhering to Laser Pegs’ age range of 8 to 14.

As with other Laser Pegs toys, the 6-in-1 Spider spurs creativity. While there are six known creatures this kit can build, there must be other creations, bugs or not, kids can craft from the kit. The end result is open-ended, urging kids to experiment and see what else they can create.

Could there be a seventh creature, possibly unknown to mankind, just lurking in your kids imagination? Or could kids be inspired to to make a beetle-spider hybrid or a flying cricket? There’s only one way to find out.