5 Gifts Mom Doesn’t Want for Christmas

You know the saying “it’s the thought that counts”? Well, that doesn’t always apply. Every holiday season, men everywhere start stressing over the perfect gift to give to the mother of their children. As kids get older, they start stressing too. They want to get the perfect gift for mom!

Of course, mom will open her gifts happily and exclaim “Oh you shouldn’t have!” And, really, you shouldn’t have!

To avoid that awkward moment on Christmas morning, I am going to help you out a little and let you in on some mom secrets.

5 Gifts Mom Doesn't Want for Christmas

5 Gifts Mom Doesn’t Want for Christmas

Appliances. Unless it’s a coffee machine that does everything for you from start to finish. Or a magical robot that cleans and cooks. In those cases, by all means, buy them! But until those are on the market, skip the appliances. This also goes for anything that has to do with cleaning, unless it’s a maid. It just reminds mom of all the chores that are waiting for her while you are busy tearing into your gifts and throwing wrapping paper all over the floor.

Spa Gift Certificate. Yes, all moms dream of a spa day. But when you give her a gift certificate for the spa, the pressure starts. She has to use it. She has to find the time in between soccer drop off and tackling the mound of dirty laundry to squeeze in a mani/pedi. That relaxing day at the spa started with weeks of stress in just trying to get there.

Personalized jewelry. Yes, moms love birthstone jewelry and even engraved necklaces. But before you spend the money on something so unique and personal, make sure she wants it. And make sure it’s her style. Skip the ads you see in the back of magazines and turn to etsy. Or ask her good friends!

Anything you bought from an infomercial. This excludes the Snuggie. You can’t go wrong with a Snuggie. Mom doesn’t need the Egg-tastic, the Miss Belt, or Purse Pouch. If it has the “As Seen on TV” label on it, skip right over it.

Anything that breathes. Sure, a cute little puppy under tree with a big red bow is adorable. But you know what happens after that 5 seconds of “Oh how cute?” Mom realizes that there’s anything living creature in the house that needs feed, walked, bathed, and cleaned up after. So just don’t.

I know what you’re thinking. “You told me what not to buy and you took everything off the list of potential gifts. So what should I buy?”

If you ask any mom out there, she will say she really doesn’t want anything. That’s a lie. She does. She wants something. But what? Put some thought into it. I am sure Mom has been dropping hints all throughout the year of what she would really want for Christmas.

3 Gifts Mom Does Want

Does mom love coffee? Reload her Starbucks account so she doesn’t have to think about buying coffee for a month.

Terrell Family Fun

If you have little kids, have them make something for her! Trust me a handmade ornament with their little handprints like this Snowman Ornament from Terrell Family Fun would mean more to her than a pair of diamond earrings.


If you know she would love personalized jewelry, think outside of the box! Give her a bracelet with your child’s actual handwriting. Have them write their name or a short message to mom and have it turned into a bracelet she will treasure forever! This is a great gift to preserve your little one’s handwriting.


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