One of the biggest challenges of 2020 has been keeping kids entertained while making sure that they’re actually learning something along the way.

As grownups, we know what it’s like to be infinitely tethered to electronic devices and now our kids are, too, as remote learning quickly became the norm in an era in which attending school in-person may not be the safest option. This is why screen-free options that both teach and entertain are so important and a product such as the 3Doodler Start Learn from Home Pen Set can really score big with kids and parents alike.

Wobbleworks has been pioneering the at-home, 3D-printing space for kids and now they’re upping the game again with the Start Learn from Home range designed for kids ages 6-13.

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The 3Doodler Start Learn from Home Pen Set is the perfect starting point for kids to get multiple elements of the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) learning experience in a way that fosters expression and creativity in a physical form. Think of it as drawing, but instead of doing it on paper in 2D, the kids are doing it “in the air” in 3D. Kids can make something as simple as a geometric shape or as elaborate as a fully realized vehicle.

Using the 3Doodler Pen and an assortment of plastic filaments (refills are available in many colors), kids can create their own characters, shapes, and artwork. The set includes instructions and thought starters for a variety of projects to do. The pen has no external hot parts and the filaments cool and harden quickly so there are no safety concerns here. And, while open-ended creativity makes for endless possibilities, kids will enjoy some of the challenges and inspiration available online at the 3Doodler website where hundreds of stencils, projects, and lessons are available.

As we move toward the inevitable winter breaks, the 3Doodler Start Learn from Home Pen Set is something that I expect my own kids will be enjoying frequently as we fight the regular battle to keep them from gravitating back toward screens when they don’t have to!