ZURU’s new Series 4 Smashers are dino-themed! | Source: ZURU/the Toy Insider
ZURU is entering the land before time this fall, one raptor foot after the other.

The toy company is set to release the fourth series of its Smashers brand, expanding on its previous Dino Series 3. This new iteration includes light-up dinosaurs, lava-themed compound play, and an unboxing experience, coupled with the classic Smashers eggs.

The ZURU Smashers Series 4 line includes two new smashing experiences. Young explorers can open the Smashers Lava Light Up Dino Mega Surprise ($24.99), which features different dinos that kids can build. After they’re constructed, the dinos light up and make dino sounds! There are more than 25 surprises to discover inside, including a Light Up Smash-O-Saur and four Smasher eggs.

ZURU’s Smashers Lava Light Up Dino Mini Surprise (Series 3 pictured here) and Robo Alive Dino Wars T-Rex | Source: ZURU/the Toy InsiderFor a smaller space, the Smashers Lava Light Up Dino Mini Surprise ($9.99) is perfect! Inside, kids will find one of three Smash-O-Saurs to build, along with a new glow-in-the-dark lava compound.

But the dino fun doesn’t end there — ZURU is pulling out all the stops to make this fall as prehistoric as possible. The ZURU Robo Alive Dino Wars ($14.99) — a collection of walking, chomping, roaring Robo dinos that light up — have already hit shelves. Young paleontologists can choose between the Raptor, the T. rex, and the Stegosaurus.

ZURU’s Vlad & Niki Superhero Surprise features a mini dino figurine! | Source: ZURU/the Toy Insider

Finally, ZURU’s Vlad & Niki Superhero Surprise ($29.99) gives kids the complete unboxing experience, this time with dinosaurs! Each toy features more than 20 surprises, including a mask and cape, dinosaur or robot figurine, and more.

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Although the Series 4 Smashers won’t be available until the fall, the Robo Alive Dino Wars is currently available for purchase at Walmart and the Vlad & Niki Superhero Surprise can be found at Target. With all these dino toys to choose from, ZURU is ensuring kids will have a juras-sick fall!