zoomerpackage-copyFlames beware, this spotted pooch will put you out.

Modeled after the fire-fighting pup from Nick Jr.’s animated series Paw Patrol, Spin Master‘s Zoomer Marshall is a walking, talking, and spinning Dalmatian that’s here to help kids ages 3 and up snuff the flame that is 2016. Included in the package is a Zoomer Marshall, two water cannon missiles, a reference guide, and an instruction booklet. Four AA batteries are not included.

Marshall reacts when kids wave their hand in front of his face, helping young ones be the hero of Adventure Bay with their beloved interactive canine by their side. Kids can wave to capture his attention, and then watch him follow them around using his four rubber wheely-paws.

Packed with personality, the ever-silly Zoomer Marshall features more than 80 interactive missions and tricks, including the ability to perform the popular “Pup Pup Boogie” and “Paw Patrol” theme songs that Paw Patrol fans know so well.zoomermarshallKids can also listen to him speak more than 150 sounds and phrases from the hit show by simply pressing down on his swiveling head. Signature catchphrases.“Paw Patrol is on a roll, and so am I,” and “I’m ready for a ruff ruff rescue” were my favorites. Marshall will even make some normal dog sounds, such as woofs and whines.

Occasionally, Marshall will ask kids to go on a mission by pressing down on the badge on his chest. Once pressed, Marshall will declare the current emergency, as well as it’s location. Serving as an aid to kids’ imaginations, this feature helps enhance the play experience and brings excitement to play time by leading kids on adventures just like the ones in the hit series.

And when it’s time to fight fires, young ones will have just what they need to get the job done. Featuring an awesome little pup pack that houses two water cannon missiles, kids can blast away the flames by aiming the blaster and firing the plastic missiles at the biggest of imaginary blazes. They don’t shoot with damaging force, but for everyone’s safety, kids should make sure not to aim them in the direction of anyone’s face.

Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall is a simple toy with tons of play value, giving kids the perfect sidekick for firefighting adventures.