basic fun zooballoos collectibles

It’s a party every time you unwrap ZooBalloos.

These new collectibles, from Basic Fun!, are everlasting balloon animal figures that never deflate — and ones that kids can keep forever. Though they’re not made of traditional latex balloon material, Basic Fun! does one better and mades these cute characters super squishy and stretchy, so they’re desirable to collect and addicting to play with.

ZooBalloos are cleverly packaged in a container that looks like a balloon, so the excitement begins before kids even open them up. Seriously. The capsule, shaped like a heart, star, or circle, is attached to a swirly, sturdy “string” and base, perfect for display.

First, kids can unwrap their blind-packed ZooBalloos figure and race to find it on the collector’s sheet. There are 28 figures to collect in the first series, with 18 common, eight metallic rare, and two glitter ultra rare characters. Each figure – with characters such as snails, pigs, frogs, dogs, and teddy bears – looks just like a miniature balloon animal, complete with tied ends.

basic fun zooballoos collectibles

Next, the best part about what’s hidden inside the capsules (if I do say so myself!) is the surprise Bopaballoo self-inflating balloon. While it looks like just another thing to unwrap, don’t be deceived by the pastel-colored, polka-dot bag and open it. Kids can place these on a hard surface, bop it with a fist, and a balloon pop out of its wrapper with confetti. It was really exciting to see the balloon quite literally burst out of the packaging and sprinkling confetti everywhere. The Bopaballoo will self inflate to look like a perfect mini mylar balloon. The magic? It’s a safe baking soda reaction. Science!

Once the Bopaballoo is fully inflated, kids can attach it to the inflated plastic stand so it looks like a balloon on a string — the perfect accessory to the ZooBalloo figure. Each collectible also comes with a pack of stickers for kids to decorate their figures, balloons, or other personal treasures!

Gone are the days when a popped or deflated balloon animal ruins a child’s day. ZooBalloos figures will last the wear and tear of constant play, plus they have an irresistible squishiness, and give kids an exciting unboxing experience.