I’m always up for a fresh take on a classic toy.

A variant of the classic cup-and-ball-game, Zing Dama from Zing Toys is a simple, yet addicting trick toy that challenges kids ages 4 and up to catch a ball in a ring cup.

At first glance, Zing Dama looks like nothing more than a plastic cup, a ball, and a tether connecting the two. As kids and play, they’ll quickly discover that there are endless trick possibilities to be had.

To start, kids can use the adjustable finger strap at the base of the ring cup to fasten the Zing Dama to their hand, sort of like a giant ring pop. As the ball hangs at the end of the tether, kids can then swing it upwards and attempt to catch it inside one of the nine grooved pockets in the cup. These spaces open the door for simple tricks, complex tricks, and eventually epic combos.Zing Dama will no doubt require kids to be patient. My first few attempts at landing the ball in the main pocket were a struggle, but I got the hang of it after a few minutes. The smaller, more shallow pockets on the outer edge of the cup are even more difficult, but the challenge gives kids something to strive for.

Like any other trick toy, practice makes perfect. And if it doesn’t make you perfect, it certainly makes you better. While the main objective of the game is to catch the ball in the cup, the real fun begins when kids learn to do it with flair and skill.

Oh, and did I mention that Zing Dama lights up? Both the ball and the ring cup feature LED lights embedded insight that activate on contact. That means more practice, and more play at any time of the day. It also means awesome light-up trick shows in the dark.

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