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I can tell you from past skateboarding experiences attempts disasters that I never, ever had the coordination or balance to dream of a career that led me to the X Games—no matter how many times I watched the Disney Channel Original Movie Brink (#TeamPupNSuds). But the ZB Freestyle Board, from Tucker Toys, makes it a little easier to do cool tricks, even if you aren’t the next X Games champ. With the ZB Freestyle Board, Tucker Toys combines an action sport toy with skateboarding and parkour. The board comes with a dual-sided deck and a high-bounce ball that lets you do never-before-seen tricks.

Here’s what’s really cool about the ZB Freestyle Board: Even though it’s just one board, your fun isn’t limited to the paved-only roads ahead. Kids can use this freestyle board indoors and outdoors, and perform tricks such as Ollies, 360s, and board-flips on almost any surface at all—ready?—even grass! The board features both grip tape and a textured surface in order to provide the traction that kids need to perform all kinds of freestyle moves.

The board also comes with everything you need to get started, including an inflation pin, and inflation guide, and three-step assembly instructions. Of course, kids should always wear a helmet and other protective gear when attempting tricks on this board. And while it does make tricks a little more accessible to the less experienced, remember that perfecting a move takes practice. As the box states, “use common sense when jumping with your ZB Freestyle Board.” Meaning, don’t try to perform tricks that are too hard for your ability. Safety first!