There have been some interesting trends in recent years, one of which involves whipping a deadly weapon at wooden targets. Yes, we’re talking about axe throwing, and last year even kids started getting in on the action, albeit safely thanks to the folks at Zing Toys.

Zing’s Zax was an immediate hit upon its release last year with the single-packed Soft-Tek foam “axes” scoring a rave review from our staff here at the Toy Insider. Around the same time, I was able to demonstrate both the fun and safety of Zax while simultaneously annoying my wife and amusing my kids. How, you may ask? I threw a Zax at my wife’s windshield* while she was pulling out of the driveway.

Now, just in time for the holidays, Zing is upping the game with a new Zax Target Pack that comes with two Zaxes and a proper (non-vehicular) heavyweight double-sided Target for kids to hone their Zax-throwing prowess upon!

Each Zax has enough weight to feel substantial for throwing, but the uniquely designed foam suction cups that form the “blade” can attach to many smooth surfaces. According to its own packaging, that means “walls, doors, ceilings, cargo vans, bathtubs, and hippos” and that’s great for indoor or outdoor play.

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Officially, Zax are geared toward kids ages 5 and up, but older kids — especially tweens and teens — will love these. And, if kids aren’t familiar with them yet, they soon will be.

Zing recently debuted an animated series called HyperStrike Renegades that follows the adventures of four young heroes who face off against some incredible enemies. Each of the kids is outfitted with weapons from the Zing arsenal, and Jack uses the Zax and Flik N’ Stik axes to battle the baddies.

The Zax Target Pack is available now at Amazon and other major retailers.

*Grownups should tell kids that throwing Zax at moving vehicles is not OK. In my own defense, my wife never told me not to throw the Zax at her car.