Zangle, from SET Enterprises, is a brain-twisting game that challenges kids ages 6 and up to twist and turn shapes until they create a match. Suitable for up to six players, the tabletop card game is ideal for building kids’ shape recognition and visual perception. The game includes 120 cards, each of which display up to five triangles.

The main objective in a game of Zangle is to twist, flip, or spin two of your cards to match the shape that’s on another card. The two cards used to create a match is called a Zangle! To start a basic game, a dealer distributes 10 cards to each player and displays four additional cards face up in the center of the table. Kids then flip over four of their own cards in an attempt to create a Zangle—or a match—for one of the four center cards. Each Zangle created earns a player one point, and the player with the most points at the end of the center draw pile, wins.

With three additional ways to play, Zangle is a versatile game that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy. Players can choose to work cooperatively or against one another for the ultimate shape-building battle.

For the more casual player, Turn-Style is the preferred game mode. In Turn-Style gameplay, players takes turns to casually create a Zangle that matches the shape displayed n the card drawn from the center pile.

For players looking to experience a more fast-paced style of play, Speedster is the game mode for you. In this game mode, players race against one another to create Zangles over the course of three rounds.

In Solitaire, one player must aim to get rid of all their cards by making Zangles before the center draw pile runs out. This gameplay style is designed for solo play, so kids and adults can experience mind-bending fun even when no one else is around.