yvolution deluxe gliderThe Y Glide Deluxe XL is a top scooter for kids in elementary school and beyond. With its ultra modern design and a revolutionary folding system, look to Yvolution when you’re looking for the perfect scooter to get your kids to the bus stop.

The Y Glider Deluxe features Yvolution’s unique three-wheeled system, giving kids the “lean-to-steer'” experience. Grown-ups will appreciate this feature because it gives kids control to carve or cruise depending on their skill level. Kids can perfect their steering skills for years to come, and as they become experts, they can get more fancy with their tricks. Plus, having just one real wheel makes for a sleeker backend, and when kids are kickin’ and cruisin’, their foot won’t hit the back wheel, which little ankles will appreciate.

Another feature caregivers will commend is the revolutionary folding system for easy storage. The scooter’s handlebar easily twists and folds down, making the scooter lay so flat it can even be stored under most beds or sofas if you are tight on space or don’t have a garage!


The Y Glider also features a strong and wide riding deck with built-in grips and an extra wide rear wheel for stability. The handlebar is also= adjustable to suit all heights, giving parents the most bang-for-their-long-term-buck.

And when it’s time to slow down, the easy-touch rear safety brake makes for quick and easy stopping. But remember, kids should always wear their helmets and protective pads when riding, just in case.