Yvolution‘s new Neon line is giving a whole new meaning to the word “lit.”

With some of the best scooters and other ride-ons out there, Yvolution elevates its Neon items with bright, bold colors—and parts of them actually light up. Hand-crafted for the kids who basically live outdoors and crave active play, the lineup of products feature scooters, boards, and even shoes.

But what really sets all of these items apart from the others is the sleek and modern design coupled with how smooth each of these rides is. It seems simple to just add lights to products, but Yvolution does this in a way that doesn’t seem to have been done before, including motion-powered wheels, so no batteries are required for most of these products. The bottom line? They’re all just really freakin’ cool.

Let me break it down for you:


Neon Street Rollers
If you’re like me, then Heelys—the shoes with one wheel at the heel—were a staple of your childhood. Neon Street Rollers brings the concept of Heelys to a new generation of kids, except this time around, these wheels attach to any pair of shoes to turn them into roller skates. The rollers themselves are two wheels with a shoe tongue cover. Available in pink, green, or blue, all kids need to do is clip them on any pair of shoes, adjust them, and they’re ready to go.

It may take a little practice to get used to the balance, but once kids get used to it, it’s like riding a bike. The motion-activated wheels feature technology that will glow a bright LED light while kids are riding around in the color of their rollers—all without batteries! They’re easy to use, secure, and are small enough for kids to throw in their backpacks to use anytime.

Price: $29.99


Neon Viper and Flash Scooters
It didn’t take long before I ripped these scooters out of their packaging and started assembling them. While both scooters share some key features, they do have a couple of main features that distinguish the two. The Neon Viper’s deck lights up, and kids can customize whether they want the light to be stationery or pulse at different speeds. The Viper is super light, but has a sturdy and stable grip deck. While is also features an illuminating board, the Flash has noticeably bigger wheels that feature the same motion-powered technology as the Neon Street Rollers.

Even though the Neon Flash and Viper Scooters are both recommended for kids 5 and up, the Neon Flash would definitely be a hit for kids up to age 12 because of its size and features. Both scooters have rear brakes, an illuminating LED light-up kick board, and a lightweight frame. Each scooter comes in blue, green, and red.

Assembling the scooters is super easy. All you have to do is twist in the handlebars to the piece with the main board, adjust the height, and screw it in tight. Ta-da! All set.

The Neon Viper and Flash offer an extremely smooth ride, and every so often the other editors in the office will find me taking a break and gliding across the office. Why walk to the printer when you can ride to the printer?

Neon Viper: $49.99
Neon Flash: $79.99


Neon Kyx
Hands-down one of my favorites in the line, our entire office got googly-eyes the second one of our editors put them on. The Neon Kyx truly give a meaning to “The party don’t start ’til I walk in,” because you literally are wearing light-up shoes with four settings: pulse, flicker, strobe, and gradual. Kids can even choose between seven different colors to match their moods and even outfits.

This pair of sneakers is super comfortable to wear, and comes in kid and adult sizes (victory is ours!). Plus, they’re also available as high tops or low tops. The high tops come in red, white, black, while the low tops come in black or white.

Low tops: $69.99
High tops: $74.99


Neon Cruzer and Hype Boards
Kids can get ready to skate the streets with these awesome boards. Like the scooters, these boards feature motion-powered wheels for vibrant flashes of light.

The Neon Cruzer is a longboard with an entirely transparent deck, which makes the light-up feature really in your face and awesome. The Neon Hype has lights under the deck, like the scooters, with different modes of pulsation. Both boards have a smooth ride, so kids will be ready to zap around the neighborhood and carve up the sidewalks at lightning speed. Each style comes in blue, green, and red. Street cred never looked so good.

Neon Cruzer: $69.99
Neon Hype: $49.99

It’s important to note, like all outdoor ride-ons, we recommend kids to wear the proper safety equipment—helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads—while they’re playing. Safety first!