Craving s’mores but lacking a campfire? S’mores are no longer just a summertime treat, thanks to Blip Toys’ Yummy Nummies S’more Maker.

Using the S’More Maker play set is a fun and safe way to recreate those ooey-gooey treats from your childhood without the use of an open flame. The box includes several dry mixes for the graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate, along with a small plastic mixing tray divided into sections. The highlight of the make-your-own kit is the battery-operated glowing campfire that dispenses the chocolate and marshmallow onto the finished graham crackers.

Like most cooking kits, half the fun is in the preparation, and mixing these ingredients is almost like a science project. The set comes with a small mixing spoon that also acts as a small measuring cup, so all kids need from the kitchen is some water. Parents and helpers may want to double the amount of recommended water for the graham crackers as they can get brittle when dry, and try to use less water when making the marshmallow and chocolate mixes to give each a thicker consistency.

The only source of heat the play set requires is a microwave. When the graham cracker mix is at the desired consistency in the designated tray section, kids can stick the tray into the microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds, keeping a close eye on their sweet treats, and then flip them over and repeat the process. The graham crackers themselves aren’t crunchy like the Honey Maid variety, but they taste just like the real thing.

Once the graham crackers are done and the chocolate and marshmallows are mixed, kids can pour them into the designated compartments inside the campfire play set, which features buttons kids can press to extrude their gooey fillings. This is most definitely the messiest part of the project and sure to be filled with lots of laughs for kids and adults alike.

The S’More Maker is highly recommended for hungry minds and budding gourmets. One kit has enough mix to make 10 bite-sized s’mores, but the memories made will last a lifetime.