Craving a fruity treat? Blip Toys has you covered.

The new Yummy Nummies Slushy Maker lets kids make their very own delicious slushies at home.

If kids are looking to treat themselves, this all-in-one set lets kids make up to 20 mini slushy drinks. It comes with four different flavors—cherry, tropical punch, blue raspberry, and grape—and a dispenser for each one, so kids can fill up with their favorite, or mix up a brand new flavor concoction of their own. Cherry and blue raspberry, or maybe blue raspberry and grape? The slushy world is your oyster.

Unlike a slushy you may grab from a 7-11 or similar spot, the cups and utensils that come with this set are all reusable, so you can wash them and use them over and over again.

Making the slushies is also super simple (and safe!) for kids to do. Start off by filling the included ice cube tray with water to the brim and placing it in the freezer to create your ice. While that’s freezing up to perfection, mix up the water and flavor powder in the ice shavings cup until it’s combined, then lift off the set’s tiki roof to pour the flavor into the flavor dispensers.

Place your frozen ice cube into the shaving bucket, spin the handle, and watch it slowly dispense the shavings into the cup. As a quick safety warning: The shaver does have a functioning sharp edge to it to shave up the ice cube, so you’ll want to give kids some adult supervision here.

Scoop those shavings into your drinking cup, dispense your flavor (or flavors!), and enjoy! You’ll get a little bit of an arm workout here, but the end result is worth it!

Also, parents, as an added bonus, all of the food ingredients included in this Yummy Nummies set are made in the U.S.

Curb your cravings and mix it up these DIY drinks with the Yummy Nummies Slushy Maker!