It’s the dessert round on Chopped and the final two contestants (and me, the way-too-invested viewer) are anxiously awaiting Ted to say “time starts now.” It’s the age-old question: what will they bake with just 30 minutes? The ambitious attempt panna cotta that always turns out sloppy, the lazy make a deconstructed ice cream sundae, and the spiteful put raw red onions on top of a cookie just for Scott Conant.

But have no fear, young aspiring bakers, there truly is a dessert that can successfully be whipped up in less than 30 minutes. May I introduce you to the Yummy Nummies Marshmallow Treats Maker from Blip Toys. Part of the their Yummy Nummies line that includes kits for all kinds of snacks from chicken nuggets to S’mores, this new set has everything needed to make everyone’s favorite marshmallow cereal treats.

Kids no longer have to wait until their wedding registry to get their own stand mixer! The kit comes with a miniature mixer that is just big enough for a small batch of the treats, a measuring scoop, a spatula, shape molds, and all the ingredients. All little master chefs need is water and a fridge to let their treats set for a few minutes.

The instructions are simple and the recipe yields three tasty treats. Bakers start with making the marshmallow mixture, to which you add the cereal and mix. Be sure to actually follow the fill lines on the bowl or else you might have some spillage of rogue cereal pieces (some of us don’t like to follow the rules). Per a coworker’s insistence (thanks, Steph) I put a paper plate under mine to keep a tidy work space.

The recipe suggests chilling them for 10 minutes, but if you’re using a mini fridge in your office they may need to sit a little longer to hold shape. While the fridge is working its cooling magic on your snack, you can get started on the chocolate frosting, because let’s be honest that’s what we are all here for. Bakers just add a little water to the chocolate packet and stir, and now it’s ready to be slathered all over the delicacies awaiting you in the fridge.

The set has enough ingredients to make about 20 treats, each bite size, and comes with sprinkles to jazz up your treat as you please. All of the utensils are made for tiny hands, and luckily for me, I have small, childlike hands that can grip a spatula smaller than my finger. Once kids run out of ingredients, they can be inspired to go to the store and grab their own, or move on to the next Yummy Nummies kit they’ve been waiting to try.