BlipToys,YummyNummiesCooking toys are very en vogue this year—with tons of oven options to choose from. From upgrades of the classic Easy-Bake Oven to ovens that bake Girls Scouts-inspired cookies, kids can bake up their favorite sweet treats—and even some savory ones.

But sometimes, it’s not all about the oven. Toy shelves are also filling up with great baking and cooking kits and tools that require no baking time at all. The result: almost instantaneous snacks—perfect for this generation of less-than-patient kids.

Yummy Nummies, a new line from Blip Toys, are adorable baking kits that come with everything you need to quickly whip up kids’ favorite snacks. With these kits, they can make mini versions of their favorite foods—from pizza and hamburgers to pretzels and cupcakes.

Plus, the process is super simple! When I was testing out the Cupcake Cuties Maker, a few steps led me from packaged product to a tasty dessert. The included plastic tray can be easily cut up into different mixing bowls, as well as a cupcake tray. Kids just use the included measuring scooper—this and the mixing spoon are the only required utensils, by the way—to combine water with the cupcake powder to create batter.

Once you’ve got the batter, scoop your cupcakes into the tray, and pop them in the microwave for about 15 to 20 seconds. Yeah, you read that right. These mini cupcakes bake in 15 to 20 seconds.

After your cupcakes are done, use the other mixing bowl to whip up some icing, then decorate your cupcakes with that and the included sprinkles. And voila! Dessert.

While the cupcake kit comes with few tools, there are a few larger sets—for example, the hamburgers—that require a few more items. However, it’s all still included in the pack, so there’s no need to scramble around your kitchen searching for things.

Yummy Nummies makes it easy and safe for kids to cook up their own snacks. Kids will, of course, love the idea that it’s something that they made themselves, while parents will love the safe no-bake factor. It’s a win-win for everyone.

You can check out Maddie and Deanna cooking up some chicken nuggets below: