Source: Buffalo Games/the Toy Insider

It’s an all-too familiar scene: There’s a Brady Bunch-style tiling of faces on your screen, it’s the fourth meeting of the day and only 11 a.m., and someone starts making a super avid point — but you can’t hear them. You click on your own microphone button to give a friendly (OK, sometimes not always friendly) heads up: “You’re on mute.”

Buffalo Games brought the most-used phrase of 2020 into a fun party game — that is technically “screen free.” Truth is, they were developing this game before the pandemic hit, but thanks to our shift to an almost fully virtual life last year, the company had the timing just right.

Players use the same keyword cards through all three rounds of You’re On Mute; each round features a different challenge! | Source: Buffalo Games

You’re On Mute’s gameplay is similar to the popular party game Celebrity, but with a bit of a twist. Each game uses the same keywords for all three rounds of play. In the first round, “Strong Signal,” players can say anything when giving clues to their teammates in order to get them to guess the word. As they move to the second round, “Weak Connection,” players can only use one-word clues to get their team to guess those same clues. The third round, “You’re On Mute,” challenges players to mouth the keywords while holding their face up to the included screen. That screen will magnify their mouths and their teammates will have to guess the keyword they are mouthing — as if they were muted on Zoom (and leaning a little too close to their camera).

Pro tip: Pay attention to words or phrases that really make people laugh or that are memorable in that first round and use it for the future rounds!

This game is perfect for family time together. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and designed for players ages 10 and up, so even your teens will want to spend quality time playing.

Swap your screen time for some laughs during your next family game night as you gather round for a good time with this game. It’ll be the first time you say “You’re on mute” without rolling your eyes!