Science that sparkles? Sign me up!

The new Ultimate Crystal Growing Laboratory set from Horizon Group USA blends creativity and STEM fun for kids ages 8 and up.

The kit comes with almost everything kids need to create a wide variety of crystal-based experiments that produce two figures, six necklaces or bracelets, a rainbow, and flowers!

The age grade is appropriate for this set, as the activities require solid reading comprehension and a bit of patience. The set includes a very detailed instruction booklet, but the general premise for each experiment is that an adult boils water, kids add the correct amount of alum (aluminum) powder, then wait two hours for the mixture to cool.

Then, completely submerge the item that will grow the crystals in the mixture. This time, you have to let the experiment sit for 24 hours — but during those 24 hours, you get to watch crystals form! Tips throughout the instruction booklet (and on an included poster) explain the science behind the crystal formations, which make for a great teaching opportunity.

Once the crystals have developed, kids remove the figure (or pendent, etc.) from the mixture and let it dry for 30 minutes. Finally, kids can use the included dyes to color and personalize the crystals! The paint effect is almost like magic, and kids can mix the colors for different results. The set also comes with glitter and beads, to add even more flair to the creations.

Check out the video below to get a sense of what the decoration process looks like. While it doesn’t feature this exact kit, the time-stamped portion shows the magical painting process from another Horizon Group USA set!

Throughout the process, kids (and adults) will need to use a few items from home to complete the experiments, such as scissors, spoons, water, and a container to hold the alum powder mixtures.

These experiments can also get a bit messy, but one of the set’s most useful features is a removable lid that doubles as a flat working surface! You may also want to put down a table cloth or newspaper, though, when completing the painting step.

Overall, this set and its four experiments offer a lot of play value, along with an opportunity to learn new science skills. Plus, kids will love that they can really wear, display, or even gift their colorful, crystallized creations!