Yooooooohoooooo! Cute plushies over here!

Aurora’s YooHoo & Friends line of super adorable plush animals has it all.

YooHoo & Friends is based on rare or endangered animals found all over the world, and reinforces the importance of environmental conservation. In addition to the toys, kids can enjoy the popular YooHoo & Friends show on Netflix.

YooHoo & Friends plush are best known for their fluffy tails, oversized eyes, and super soft fur. They are available in two sizes: 5 and 8 inches. These characters are cute, soft, and perfect for kids who love the YooHoo & Friends show, or any kid who loves animals. Kids can choose from 33 characters, including YooHoo, the leader of the gang, but there are eight main characters that are true stand-outs in the line, including Chewoo the Red Squirrel, Pamee the Fennec Fox, and Lora the Scarlet Macaw.

Each plush has different features iconic to the animal it represents. Mango the Andean Flamingo has an extra long beak and sparkly eyes, while Lemmee features dark rings around his eyes. But one thing all of the plush have in common is quality. YooHoo & Friends all feature intensely soft plush that doesn’t shed. They feel so high end for such an affordable price, parents will know these guys will become best friends to the kids they are paired with for years to come.

The YooHoo & Friends mini keychain plush stand about 2.5 inches tall. The keychain at the top is removable, so if kids prefer not to use the keychain, they can simply take it off and enjoy their teeny little plushie on its own. The animals are also available in cuddly 5- and 8-inch plush, which kids will love to hold and carry with them everywhere they go. 

New this year, YooHoo Sacks are super tiny bean-bag versions of the animal friends. These miniature plush are tons of fun, and easy to juggle, stack, and collect. Kids can collect all eight characters, including YooHoo the Senegal Bush Baby, Pammee the Fennec Fox, Roodee the Blond Capuchin monkey, Ring Ring the Giant Panda, Lora the Scarlet Macaw, Chewoo the Red Squirrel, Slo the Maned Sloth, and Lemmee the Ring-tailed Lemur. It’s tons of fun to stack these little characters, and they even make fun fidget toys. 

And YooHoo & Friends are not just adorable, they’re also educational. Each plush comes with a hangtag that has fun facts about each animal, as well as an image of the actual animal.

Aurora’s YooHoo & Friends line is so much more than simple plush. These high-quality products have something special that you can feel as soon as you hold them. With the added educational factor, these are plush parents can feel great about.