Y Glider Deluxe is for kids 3 and up.


Who is ready to ride and glide? Weeeeee. Yvolution scooters will give kids a secure, yet exhilarating ride.

For beginner riders just learning how to scoot, there is the Y Glider Deluxe (as picture above). The neat thing about this rideable is it can be adjusted to fit kid’s experience level with the lean-to-steer method.  Kids can lean the adjustable handlebar to a level at which they feel comfortable. Yvolution coins this patented method as the “Learn, Gro, Pro” steering system. Cushioned rubber hand grips and a rubber padded deck allow kids to enjoy a smooth, and comfortable ride.  

This scooter also has a three wheel design to give it more stability on the ground. Unlike other scooters, it has a extra large deck and an anti-slip footplate. What really keeps this scooter sound, however, is the rear safety foot brake kids kick if they need to come to a sudden stop. This scooter is designed for kids ages 3 and up and basic assembly is required. And when it’s time to pack the glider away, the handlebar is removable for easy storage. 

NOTE: If you have multiple children with this model, you can mix and match their parts as each piece is interchangeable. Basically, this already-vibrant scooter can become more colorful if kids trade parts with friends or siblings.



Y Glider Deluxe XL is for kids ages 5 to 9.

And for the bigger kids or those who have graduated from their Y Glider Deluxe, it’s time to XL it. The Y Glider XL Deluxe scooter is designed for children 5 to 9 years old. This is for the more daring and experienced riders, and as you can see from the picture below, it takes on a more mature color scheme than the previous model. But similar to the previous model, the handlebar can be adjusted to a different angle with the “Learn, Gro, Pro” steering system. But new to this model is the adjustable handle bar, which can be adjusted to stand between 77cm and 88cm. While assembly is a little more difficult on this model, Yvolution has featured a video tutorial to simplify the process. This model also boasts a three wheel design, a rear safety break, hand grips, an anti-slip footplate, and a removable handle bar.

And, just as a side note — make sure kids wear a helmet (not included)! So, who’s ready to ride? Race you down the block!