Y Fliker Lift with Rider_YvolutionKick-push is so overrated. Wiggling, however, is where it’s at. Yvolution’s revolutionary line of kid-powered three-wheeled scooters give kids a whole new way to scoot around, using their body motion to carve, drift, spin, race, and do some awe-inspiring tricks.

The line expands this year with the brand new Y Fliker Lift, which features two small wheels directly behind the scooter’s back wheels, allowing kids to perform easy-to-learn wheelies. Kids simply gain some momentum, pull back on the handle bar, and lean into the wheelie. Once they have LIFTed (get it?) themselves into the stunt, they can even carve sideways on an angle, a really cool trick you have to see to believe. But, the tricks don’t stop there—the free-spinning handle bar—which rotates 360 degrees—and the angled steering column allow kids to perform exciting spins, too.

The scooter’s sleek red and black design is great for thrill-seeking boys and girls—and trust me, mom and dad will want their turn as well. Plus, the entire scooter folds up nicely for easy storage or travel.

The handle bar grips are textured for easy gripping, and the hand break allows kids to stop the scooter as quickly or gradually as they like. But of course, safety first! Parents should absolutely make sure kids are—as always—wearing their helmets and necessary protective gear when riding.

The Y Fliker Lift will challenge kids and get them up and active—even in the coldest winter months. Easy to use and immeasurably fun to ride, this scooter is unlike any other on the market.

Check out the scooter in action!