If you like all things R/C, then make way for the Wicked Cool Toys Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam.

One of the most action-packed R/C toys of this holiday season, this motorcycle will be able to withstand all kinds of flips, tricks, and sharp turns—just like they do in extreme cycling. The magic is in the gyroscope in the rear wheel, which makes the motorcycle easy to drive and perform awesome stunts.

The Xtreme Cycle is ready to go right out of the box, including batteries for the remote control and pieces to build a ramp. I was prepared to also charge it, but much to my delight the battery was already full. #winning. The only other things kids need to do is put the included batteries inside the remote control and place a few stickers on the ramp and R/C itself.

Once kids are ready to go, they can start navigating the rugged cycle across rough ground and smooth surfaces. Although this R/C works both indoors and outside, it goes so fast that controlling the motorcycle is best in a wide, open space. This gives it enough room for kids to drive it at far distances (up to 100 feet) and practice tons of tricks. When they are really experienced, they can start to do 360 degree donuts, flips, rolls, jumps, peel outs, skids, and more.

The motorcycle can withstand a bunch of terrains, from rocky concrete even to grass. Ultimately, I prefer to ride it in the dirt or sand, but be careful to not drive it in puddles or snow. Once kids get the hang of it, they can start performing different kinds of tricks. The front and rear both have shocks specifically designed to withstand and perform the various stunts.

But wait, it gets cooler! My favorite part is the helmet of the R/C that a built-in camera, so kids can capture all of the action on video. The box comes with a 4 GB SD card that slides right into the back of the R/C, which stores up to an hour of video, and a USB drive to upload the video right to computers.

Young cyclists and moto enthusiasts will spend hours perfecting and recording stunts while cruisin’ with this R/C!