Crushing creepy crawlies just got a whole lot more exciting.

Zuru’s XShot Bug Attack Eliminator & 2 Predator TK-3 Combo Pack has everything kids need to start exterminating insect invaders—including the bugs themselves! Designed for kids ages 8 and up, this blaster set offers a unique take on traditional dart-firing fun, providing targets in the form of wall-crawling pests.

The Eliminator
The Predator TK-3

The combo pack includes not one, not two, but three blasters that are sure to get me kids hyped. The Eliminator—a double-barreled, shotgun-style blaster—offers the most extreme power. It has a rapid-action handle and a tactile grip so kids can eliminate enemies with ease. The double barrel even allows for some sweet dual fire action. The smaller Predator TK-3s, which sport a pull-back mechanism and three dart chambers, give kids the ability to take quick shots on the move and fire their darts up to 55 feet.

The set also includes five creepy bugs and a whopping 24 foam-tipped darts. Considering the amount of darts I’ve fired over fences or lost to some alternate dart-swallowing dimension, I consider that amount of darts a blessing.creepeezgroup-copyAs much as I love the three blasters, the Creepeez Bugs are the true stars of this show. They feature a small plastic body with a maniacal face, and come in vibrant, easy-to-spot colors. Their legs are capped with small stickies, the same material as those sticky hands hat you used to beg your parents for from the vending machines at the supermarket. The tiny grips adhere to walls with ease, allowing kids to causally toss them on and watch them “crawl” all the way down over time. They essentially become moving targets, so young exterminators can use them for target practice and much more. Surprisingly, the Creepeez stuck to most walls with ease, and we had plenty of laughs here at The Toy Insider office as we watched them inch their way back down to the ground.