Kids shouldn’t have to choose between their favorite superheroes. And now they don’t have to.

Jakks Pacific has created the ultimate R/C to solve this dilemma and added a new vehicle in the Xtreme Performance Vehicles (XPV) line. Available on store shelves this month, XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler is perfect for flips, spins, jumps, and even rolls over to enhance non-stop play (pinch me, I’m dreaming).

This R/C is also one of my favorite toys based off of the feud between Captain America and Iron Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie coming out on May 6. The Rollover Rumbler perfectly encompasses the premise of the movie, which divides the Avengers into two groups led by Cap and Iron Man, because the R/C is quite literally—divided.

Perfect for the indoors and outside, this Rollover Rumbler keeps on going no matter what. It can be controlled on both sides, so if the R/C gets knocked over, it will automatically adjust itself to stay on that side or fully flip over. So, kids will never have to pause playtime to walk all the way over to it and put it right-side up. Steps? No problem. A steep hill? Even better. A rocky path? Don’t sweat it.

cap side
Check out the motion of the XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumble, which leads to easy turns and awesome 360s!

The Rollover Rumbler can also go up to 7 miles per hour on flat, straight surfaces, so it goes on superhero speeds. One of my favorite parts about this R/C is how insanely smooth the turns are. When it’s not in motion, kids will be able to see how bendable the chassis of the vehicle is at approximately the halfway mark. It can move so far back and forth that the wheels nearly touch each other. What does this mean? A lot of room for incredible, easy turning action and the ability for kids to execute extreme 360s!

This superhero R/C is fun, fast, and will keep kids busy for hours. Consider it Toy Insider, Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers approved.