It’s time to kick things up a notch.

With the new XPV Extreme Performance Skateboard, from Jakks Pacific, kids ages 8 and up can shred like the pros with a unique R/C that performs real skateboard tricks and stunts. Included in the set is one skateboard, a remote control, a rechargeable battery, and a convenient USB charging cable.

Using a single-grip style radio controller and with a wheel and a trigger, kids can get comfortable controlling the throttle as they rip their R/C down the street. Kids can use the trigger to move the board forward and backward, and then rotate the controller wheel to make left and right turns on the fly. With top speeds of up to 14 mph, kids can catch big air off jumps and experiment with different tricks along the way. When kids make high-speed turns, they can even make their R/C drift!Worried about not sticking the landing? The XPV Extreme Performance Skateboard sports a self-righting roll-bar, so skaters can keep on cruising even if their stunts don’t go according to plan. This encourages kids to tear it up without worrying about the perfect landing.

Unlike traditional R/C vehicles, this iteration combines speed and style in the name of extreme power. Kids can nail the perfect grind, catch the biggest air, and even sneak in a few power slides as they turn at max speed. They can challenge their friends, or simply create new trick combos and sharpen their skills.

Best for outdoor use, the board’s flexible rubber wheels perform best on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt, but kids might get some traction on grass. Regardless of what they choose to shred on, the XPV Extreme Performance Skateboard is sure to keep kids outdoors and playing this summer.