During a scorching summer day when the sun is shining bright and showing no mercy, nothing beats the heat like a good, old-fashioned water blaster fight.

But nothing is old-fashioned about ZURU‘s X-Shot Fast-Fill water blasters.

Last year, ZURU introduced the X-Shot Fast-Fill, revolutionizing the water-blastin’ game with the speed in which kids can refill their tanks. (Because nothing is worse than when you have to pause a suspenseful battle to replenish your water supply, and getting completely drenched by your competitors in the process.) But how do you level up the fastest-filling water blaster? You make it epic.

This spring and summer, kids can take things to the next level with the X-Shot Epic Fast-Fill. At nearly 2 feet long (21 inches to be exact), it holds 34 ounces of water (that’s more than five cups), increasing the size and water capacity of the original blaster. Despite its size, the Epic is light enough for kids to zoom around outside without any interruptions.

Unlike its predecessor that uses a trigger, the Fast-Fill Epic squirts water with pump-action, sending water flying up to 34 feet. My favorite part about this blaster is the adjustable nozzle for four different spray settings: one hole, one smaller hole, three holes, or a vertical line. Each mode has its own unique way for kids to spray down the competition. On sweltry days, kids can also add ice cubes to the tank to make the water super refreshing.

Despite all of these impressive features, the most notable is in its name: the fast-fill component. With the press of a button, kids can open up the compartment on the back of the blaster, dunk it underwater, and fill it up in one second. Even better, thanks to RapidSeal technology, the compartment will seal itself as it comes out of the water, so kids can get right back to the fun without having to worry about any extra steps. This feature does require a pretty large space to fill it up, so if you don’t have a pool in the backyard, I’d recommend using a very large tub or hose.

For water blastin’ on the go, the Micro Fast-Fill also joins the X-Shot family this spring. Don’t be fooled by its size: This 6-inch blaster holds 6 ounces of water and can send a stream of water up to 26 feet away. Just like all of the other blasters in the line, the Micro Fast-Fill can be refilled with one hand in less than a second.

This summer, kids can drench the competition with the X-Shot Fast-Fill Epic and Micro water blasters!