WWE Battle Brawlers

The action and excitement of the WWE Universe comes to life in a new way thanks to an updated spin on a classic play pattern.

It’s impossible to look at WWE Smash Brawlers and not think of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, which have been inspiring kids to box and battle since 1964. Over the years, many toymakers have put their own spin on the concept, and with Smash Brawlers, TOMY applies the idea to the perfect license: WWE.

WWE Battle Brawlers

The WWE Smash Brawler Battle Game Set comes with two 4-inch figures —  WWE superstars John Cena and AJ Styles — along with two compatible handheld controllers. Kids can place their figures atop the controller base for trigger-activated wrestling action, twisting their wrists to defend against and dodge their opponent’s attacks. The controllers lock together in the middle as kids take their positions and prepare for the match.

Unlike the weekly matches that millions enjoy on WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown, there is no ring, but kids can imagine one along with their own epic entrance music and pyrotechnics to add to the fun of their tabletop battles.

The first player to hit their opponent three times wins the match as the loser bows in defeat! To keep the action going, additional WWE Smash Brawler figures — also called “battling game pieces” — are sold separately. WWE Superstars Finn Balor and Seth Rollins are available now. 

WWE Smash Brawlers are a simple, tech-free way to bring the excitement of sports entertainment home, and thanks to their compact size, they’re perfect for travel, too!